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For companies and individuals requiring federally-mandated testing and physical examinations, NW Testing Drug Screens & Physicals offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services including random program management, national consortium enrollment, mobile/onsite service and physical exams (DOT Medical Cards). For individuals working in the maritime industry including fishing guides, captains and crewmembers—we offer periodic renewal drug screens as well as USCG physical exams.

Understanding DOT Drug Test Requirements

Interpreting the Department of Transportation's workplace drug and alcohol testing programs may take a lot of work, but understanding and mastering these requirements is critical for workplace and transportation safety. After all, DOT drug test screenings are required by law for various safety-sensitive employees, such as truck drivers, train engineers, and operators of heavy machinery. These tests are designed to detect the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in a person's system, helping to ensure the safety of both your workers and the general public.

Specific Requirements Set by the Department of Transportation

There are many specific requirements for drug and alcohol testing set by the DOT. For instance, all DOT drug tests must test for five specific categories of drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates (opium and codeine derivatives), amphetamines and methamphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP).

Additionally, pre-employment screening is mandatory. After hiring an individual, they must also undergo random, unannounced testing throughout the year. Additional testing may be required in certain situations, such as reasonable suspicion or return to duty.

When it comes to alcohol testing, the DOT mandates it under certain circumstances. The rules differ slightly from those of drug tests, but both types of testing are integral parts of achieving and maintaining DOT compliance. The department has strict guidelines regarding the collection and privacy of these test results.

What is DOT Testing, & Why Do Some Employers Require It?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is the federal agency charged with monitoring alcohol and drug use among commercial drivers serving in safety-sensitive positions. Employers who fall under the DOT's regulations must test their employees for five-panel drug screening at the times DOT requires, both before and after hiring.

Ensure Your Business Remains Compliant with NW Testing Drug Screens and Physicals

Contact NW Testing today to speak with a member of our experienced staff about how you can stay DOT-compliant. For additional information on our services or locations, or to make an appointment please call (360) 597-4543. You may also visit us on the web for additional information.


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Services Offered for Transportation Compliance

Due to the complexity of meeting the DOT's mandates and laws, many companies struggle to ensure compliance with DOT drug and alcohol test requirements. Third-party services can eliminate the headaches and confusion related to the DOT's regulations.

At NW Testing Drug Screens & Physicals, our DOT drug testing services are designed to fit the unique needs of your business. We conduct thorough drug screen tests that cover all five categories required by the Department of Transportation.

Our tests follow all the necessary procedures and standards to ensure accurate results that can stand up to scrutiny.

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Your business must maintain compliance with the above requirements at all times. Remember, testing for drugs and alcohol isn't just to protect your employees and the public — it also protects your business from potential penalties for non-compliance.

Neglecting these requirements can lead to hefty fines, loss of licensing, or even the shutting down of operations. Staying compliant protects your business from these possible repercussions, making it an absolute priority.

Transporation-related businesses turn to NW Testing Drug Screens & Physicals because we are aware that the demanding requirements of DOT compliance can be overwhelming. Our experts take pride in offering our clients comprehensive services that not only meet but also exceed DOT regulations.

Our team is committed to understanding your unique needs and working closely with you to ensure that your business is DOT-compliant. Our extensive experience in transportation compliance services, coupled with our dedication to delivering reliable, fast, and accurate test results, makes us an ideal partner for your company.

If your business is ready to take the necessary steps toward DOT compliance, reach out today. We offer walk-in appointments for drug screening without the need to book an appointment.


For your convenience, the following are commonly asked questions and answers.

How do I know if I am subject to DOT testing as an employee or employer?

Each DOT agency and the USCG have adopted regulations specifying drug and alcohol testing requirements. The regulations specify who is covered by them, what drug tests are required, when they must be given, and the penalties for noncompliance.

Will I lose my job if I test positive or refuse a test?

Your employer is responsible for deciding whether to terminate your employment based on employer policies. DOT regulations do not address hiring and termination procedures.

What happens to me when I test positive or refuse to test (that is, adulterate, or substitute my urine specimen, or decline to be tested)?

If you test positive or refuse a drug test, you may not work in a safety-sensitive position covered by DOT regulations until you complete the return-to-duty process, which includes drug/alcohol testing and clearance from a substance abuse professional.

How does DOT test for Alcohol?

DOT only permits urine drug tests. DOT tests for five types of drugs:

  • Amphetamines and meth amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • PCP

Tests may be required before hiring, after an accident, before return to duty, and at random times.

Does DOT test for cannabis? Even if I am a medical marijuana patient?

Marijuana is a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. The DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations do not authorize "medical marijuana" as a valid reason for a positive drug test.

Who pays for any recommended treatment?

Payment for any recommended treatment depends on the agreement between the employer and the employee.

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