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Business Testing Solutions

Owning a business is hard work. It requires you to be a subject matter expert on things you never planned to be. Like implementing and managing a drugfree workplace while navigating the complexities of the legalization of marijuana. Or knowing what type of drug or background screen best fits your unique employment needs.

Your employees rely on you to ensure that they have a safe place to work. Your customers rely on you to ensure that your employees are drug free and don’t have criminal backgrounds. You can rely on NW Testing Drug Screens & Physicals to help you to determine the most cost-effective and efficient solution to meet and exceed those needs.


Individual Testing Solutions

People make mistakes. Even people with the best intentions don’t always make the best decisions and the consequences can last a lifetime. We understand the need for discretion and empathy without judgement for individuals or family requiring testing services. Let us help to determine the right testing solution to fit your unique need.

Legal Testing Solutions

For nearly 15 years the staff of NW Testing Drug Screens & Physicals have provided court-ready drug, alcohol and DNA testing services and ongoing education to the legal community. Our certified professional specimen collectors are rigorously trained and recertified annually to ensure that every specimen is handled following the highest possible standards. You can count on us to provide reliable, accurate, legally admissible results when they matter the most.


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