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Employers, especially those receiving federal funding, are required to keep their workplaces drug-free. That is why many organizations consider drug testing a standard for hiring. The test helps create a safer workplace for everyone.

Like many regulations, employer drug testing laws change from time to time. NW Testing highlights recent changes that affect how employer drug testing could change from the start of 2024. Discover the information you need to stay compliant.

Senate Bill 5123

Employers will no longer be required to drug test for cannabis when hiring, beginning in 2024. The State of Washington enacted the act for one reason. It protects citizens who use cannabis products outside the workplace.

However, Federal contractors and safety-sensitive employers will continue drug testing for cannabis. These employers include law enforcement agencies, fire services, and transportation companies.

Note that the bill does not prohibit drug testing of existing employees. So, any employer can keep running random tests to keep their workplace drug-free.

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Do CDL Holders Still Need to Be Drug Tested?

CDL holders will still undergo employer drug testing; this is because commercial drivers are regulated by federal law. As such, employers will continue drug screening following the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

Besides testing, the Drug-Free Workplace Act requires CDL employers to:

  • Have a workplace policy statement. Employers should have a policy statement prohibiting drug use in the workplace. The policy should also state the penalties for violations.
  • Have a drug-free awareness program. The act requires CDL employers to educate their employees about the dangers of drug use.
  • Maintain ongoing efforts to keep a drug-free workplace. CDL employers should commit to creating a drug-free environment. You can maintain a drug-free workplace through random employer drug testing.

Types of Drug Testing Services Offered by NW Testing

Whether you need random or post-accident testing, NW Testing is the right service provider. Our tests can detect any illegal substance like cannabis, cocaine, and alcohol. We serve employers, attorneys, and individuals throughout Washington, including Longview and Olympia.

Some employer drug testing solutions we provide include:

1. Saliva-based Testing

Our saliva-based test is ideal for post-accident testing. It detects a wide range of substances consumed 72 hours before testing. For instance, the test can detect drugs, such as marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, and benzodiazepines.

Our saliva-based test stands out because it is hard to fake. So, it provides reliable results that you can use in making decisions.

2. Urine-based Testing

A urine test is our most popular test for pre-employment drug screening. Many institutions prefer this test because it can help detect substances consumed 5-7 days before testing. It detects substances such as cannabis, oxycodone, cocaine, and ketamine.

Although cheaper than a saliva test, a urine test is easy to cheat, especially if inexperienced personnel are involved. Moreover, urine specimen collection is quite difficult. You need to collect the sample in privacy.

3. Hair testing

Our hair test is the most reliable in pre-employment drug testing. It can detect drugs taken 180 days before the test. Like many other tests, a hair test can detect all common drugs. These include ecstasy, opiates, amphetamines, marijuana, and cocaine.

With the extended time window, workers cannot cheat by abstaining for a few days. Even so, this test is more expensive than urine and saliva tests. Furthermore, its accuracy may be affected by hair bleaching.

NW Testing: Elevating Your Business with Reliable Drug Testing Solutions

NW Testing is the leading provider of employment testing in Washington. We use industry-approved tests that detect all illegal substances, including marijuana. All our tests are highly accurate. So, you can use them to make important decisions about hiring and maintaining a drug-free environment.

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